Our themed, seasonal menus change monthly. While our meals are vegan/vegetarian, with advance notice we can adjust or amend all dishes to accommodate  gluten-free diners or those with soy or tree nut allergies as well. The menus below are not complete but merely a few highlights!

Smoked Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho / Zucchini & Sunchoke Pakora; Mint Chutney / Dandelion & PIckled Beet Salad / Cardamom Tofu;Basmati & Pea Pilao, Scallion Raita / Darjeeling Tea-Black Pepper Ice Cream

A seasonal meal from our side gardens, inspired by the lush, high-altitude hill stations of Northern India which still serve as cool respites from the summer heat. Chilled soup, crisp veggies, piquant salads and chutneys and homemade ice cream all refreshed late July palettes.

A Hill Station Summer Supper

Spicy Green Lassi; Pickled Radishes / Buttermilk Curry; Whole Wheat and Rye Chapatis / Gattes in Tomato-Cashew Curry / Brahmin Beaten Rice PIlaf with Boondi Raita / Orange Blossom Sorbet and Date Shortbread

The Indian province of Rajasthan is home to both desert nomads and bejewelled royalty; our high/low hybrid menu honors both and included the region's most celebrated creation, chickpea flour dumplings known as "gattes". We had as much fun rolling, boiling and simmering them as our guests did scarfing them down!

Under the Desert Stars: A Rajasthani Repast
A Snowy Night on Lake Kashmir

From the misty, magical Northern region of Kashmir, a meal devoted to rich indulgence while still focusing on fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and vegan protein.


Kashmiri Mushroom-Ginger Bisque / Potato & Water Chestnut Samosas / Seitan Steaks w/ Red Pepper Gastrique; Green Chile Braised Lotus Root; Sesame-Millet Flatbreads / Fig Bread Pudding

Ga-Ga for Gujurati Grub!

The mostly vegetarian, Western state of Gujarat is home to India's most fervent "snack food" fanatics and our meal is comprised of typical street foods, tweaked and curated to create a cohesive (and yes, filling) meal.


Dhokla w/ Coconut Chutney and Kohlrabi Sambar / Fried Amaranth Leaves / Plantain Croquettes; Lemon Rice, Pickled Ramps / Spiced Peach Salad / Iced Coffee; Clove Cream

Honeycrisp & Daikon Chaat / Grilled Pineapple w/ Pickled Mustard Seeds / Savoy Cabbage Uttapams / Cauliflower and Green Bean Vindaloo / Coconut and Sour Cherry Fritters

Lazy, laid-back feast born from the unique cuisine of India's trippiest beachfront community. The Portuguese influence in Goa - and our homage meal - is evident with plenty of chili peppers and bold Continental flavors.

Beach Bums of Goa