Whether you're a novice or more advanced student of Indian cuisine, we have a cooking class for YOU at THE DP CHUTNEY COLLECTIVE!


Our 3-hour courses run the gamut from introductory Indian Food Basics to a wide variety of classes devoted to regional cuisines. We also offer courses devoted to preparing healthier and lighter versions of your favorite restaurant dishes like Saag Paneer or "Chicken" Tikka Masala.


All of our cooking classes focus exclusively on vegetarian ingredients given the national cuisine's devotion to fresh fruits, vegetables, grain and legumes. Additionally, most classes are vegan and always offer a non-dairy alternate ingredient.

Gluten-free classes are offered several times a year.

Classes are conducted in our large, gourmet home kitchen, restricted to 6-8 participants and are $50 per person. At the end of the class, everyone sits down to enjoy together a meal, the fruits of your labor!


Any groups wishing to book a class together please contact us via email. The price is the same but a minimum of 5 people is required.

As an instructor, since 2010, Drake Page has conducted Indian cooking courses everywhere from traditional classrooms to yoga studios to Upper West Side wine bars!


Working closely with Brooklyn Brainery, Drake developed and taught dozens of Indian cooking and food preservation workshops: Foods of Kashmir, Rajasthani Cuisine, Cooking of the Himalayan Rim, Beyond Chutney: The Sambols Of Sri Lanka, Bengali Cuisine, Iced Indian Libations, An Introduction to Indian Dal, The 4-Hour Indian Chef and others.